About TRLT

The Road Less Travelled (TRLT) is a lively and inspiring Twitter chat that commenced on Tuesday 5 November 2013, founded by Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel (get to know him better in this interview I conducted) , Savannah Grace of Sihpromatum (get to know her better in this interview I conducted) and Ariana Arghandewal of Point Chaser. I joined as a permanent co-host, together with Anton Magnin of Tazz Discovers, in January 2015. Ian Oliver of Barefoot Backpacker and Mia of Touchse joined in November 2017.

TRLT discusses destinations overlooked on Twitter travel chats, such as Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Central America. These are places that deserve to be considered as holiday options by more travellers and TRLT is one way to generate discussion and interest in these destinations.

TRLT is now the world’s premier travel Twitter chat. In a normal week, TRLT achieves the following:

  • World’s busiest weekly travel Twitter chat,
  • Highest number of original tweets of any travel Twitter chat,
  • Highest response rate per question of any travel Twitter chat,
  • Largest travel Twitter chat based outside of North America,
  • Unbroken schedule of weekly chats since 5 November 2013 is the second longest current run of any travel Twitter chat.

When To Join

If you are a novice or seasoned traveller on such rarely trodden paths, or even if you are seeking to place your first foot on #TRLT then join us on the following times each Tuesday.
PT 10:00 (10 a.m.)
EST 13:00 (1 p.m.)
UK (GMT/UTC) 18:00 (6 p.m.)
CET 19:00 (7 p.m.)
GST 22:00 (10 p.m.)
IST 23:30 (11:30 p.m.)

What is a Twitter Chat?

Here is a brief explanation on how our twitter chat works. Five questions are asked in regards to a chosen theme, posted in approximately 10-12 minute intervals. These are prefaced with Q1, Q2 and so on. You answer each question with the relevant answer (A1, A2 etc.) and interact with others. It is important to include the hashtag #TRLT so your tweets can be followed by the hosts and other participants.

#TRLT is a busy chat, and the best way to follow is to open a separate window for #TRLT and one for Interactions so you can follow the chat and who is chatting with you directly. Personally, I find Hootsuite very effective to manage the conversations.

Read my in-depth guide on what a Twitter chat is and how it works.

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