Homecoming: Celebrating The Release of Flavors of Life in the Metro Detroit area

Hello again, and greetings from the great state of Michigan! As you may have seen from my social media or in my blogs about Chicago, West Michigan, East Lansing, and Ann Arbor, I’m in the States for multiple reasons, one of which is a Midwest book tour. I’m incredibly honored to share the inspirational stories from my book, Flavors of Life. I’m from the Metro Detroit area originally, so that served as my home base while on my Midwest book tour. Naturally, I lined up events in the area, as well, including a book club guest appearance, book party and charity event, as well as mini-celebration for Flavors of Life at ROAK Brewing Co. in Royal Oak. Read on to hear more about the events!


10 Jerusalem Treats You Can’t Miss During Your Visit

Jerusalem is a city that has benefited from a melting pot of immigrants over the years, which means that the city’s food scene is rich with an eclectic, yet sophisticated palette. Especially in the world of food, Jerusalem is at the forefront of Israel’s innovation and contemporary flavor profile. The diversity of the city offers a range of sushi bars, burger joints, Italian and French cuisine, and classic Israeli restaurants. Mordecai Holtz, Director of New Media for ItravelJerusalem, the city’s official tourism office, introduces the 10 (plus one extra) must-try treats when visiting Jerusalem.


7 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Jack Woodring of Endeavorviet spent 14 years in Vietnam, 12 of which he lived in Ho Chi Minh City with his wife and three kids. From the moment he first travelled there, he felt this bond with the country and its people. Over the years, he’s discovered Vietnam is a unique treasure, one full of culture and beauty. In this guest post, Jack discusses why Vietnam is the ultimate cultural destination for travellers and shares seven reasons why Vietnam is worth visiting.


ANZTravelChat Discusses “Food” on November 18, 2015

This Wednesday I am very excited to be guest hosting #ANZTravelChat, which starts at 9:00 a.m. in the UK. Together with Dorothée Lefering, we will be discussing the topic “Food.” Food is one of my favorite topics for many reasons.

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