May 6, 2016

New Non-Fiction Book Documents Personal Stories of Amsterdam Restaurateurs
“Flavors of Life” by Jessica Lipowski looks at the lives of 62 entrepreneurs from 41 different countries with one common passion

AMSTERDAM – A new non-fiction book by author Jessica Lipowski will be officially released on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. The book, titled Flavors of Life, is a collection of inspirational biographies of 62 entrepreneurs from around the world. Ranging from a famous Swiss drummer to an American ballet dancer to those who grew up during the apartheid in South Africa or in a small village in the mountains of Nepal, they are connected by a common thread: all own a restaurant in Amsterdam.

Flavors of Life proves, once again, that everyone has a compelling story to tell,” said John Higham, author of 360 Degrees Longitude. “Jessica Lipowski has the talent to bring those stories to life for her readers.”

Discover how these diverse individuals landed in the same city, in the same industry, with a shared passion. Learn how food and the customs surrounding it crosses cultures and unite us. Gain an appreciation for the variety of restaurants in the diverse Dutch capital. Most often, reviews, articles, and blogs cover only the quality of food, friendliness and promptness of the service, and cleanliness of the establishment, yet what is often forgotten is the person who created the experience: the owner.

“From a young age, I have been captivated by good stories. In a way, our stories create a world recipe,” said Jessica Lipowski, author of Flavors of Life. “Combined with my journalistic background and interest in writing human-interest pieces, not to mention my love for food, I decided to interview international restaurant owners, digging into their history – from childhood to present day – to discover exactly how they got involved in the restaurant industry, as well as how they ended up in Amsterdam.”

The book (ISBN: 978-90-825238-0-5) is available in paperback (€22,95) and as an e-book (€4,99). Purchases can be made directly through the author’s website,, and will be available in local bookstores, as well. The website also features an online component that enhances the print version, with two different interactive maps and additional information about each restaurant.

If you’d like to arrange an interview, receive an advance copy for review, or learn more about the book, please contact Jessica Lipowski. The tab “Media” lists other coverage and interviews, reader reviews, a Q&A with the author, and high-resolution images available for download.

About Jessica Lipowski
Jessica Lipowski, originally from Detroit, Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University, moved to the Netherlands in February 2011. In the past, she’s been published on (part of USAToday) and in The Washington Times, but has also worked in project management and marketing. The book, in combination with her past work experience, travels, and life as an expat, has enabled her to view food, travel, and culture through a different lens.

Dutch version.