6 October 2016

International Bachelorette Party Organized Unique Celebration For Bride-To-Be By Visiting All 12 Dutch Provinces in Two Days

Netherlands – World traveller and author Savannah Grace celebrated her bachelorette party in the Netherlands last weekend. Seems run-of-the-mill, right? Not by a long shot. The celebration was anything but ordinary.

Thus far, 26-year-old Savannah has visited 108 countries. Although Savannah is originally from Vancouver, Canada, the Netherlands is her new home. With all of this in mind, her friends and family decided to celebrate her last days of singlehood in a fitting way: by visiting all 12 Dutch provinces in two days.

Seven women from five different countries (Canada, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, and United States of America) piled into one van. The goal of the weekend was to travel around the country and experience typical Dutch elements, as well as complete a scavenger hunt and play other games together. The group encountered sly glances, hearty laughs, and big smiles as they traipsed around the country in their colorful animal onesies.

The trip started and ended in Alkmaar. Stops along the way included: the Aflsluitdijk, a farm in Marum with camels, the seal sanctuary in Pieterburen, a hunebed in Drente, Belgian Beer Café Olivier in Utrecht, a wallaby farm just outside Apeldoorn, setting foot in two countries at once (Baarle-Nassau), and watching the sunset on Scheveningen. In 36 hours, they covered 1120 kilometers (696 miles). The entire experience was unique and truly once-in-a-lifetime; even people they encountered along the way remarked at their plans.

If you’d like to learn more about the trip, arrange an interview, or request additional materials, please contact Jessica Lipowski. Be sure to visit Savannah and Jessica’s blogs for pictures and a full recap of the weekend.

About Savannah Grace
Savannah Grace is a 26-year-old travel author and social media influencer. She was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, but has been living in the Netherlands for the past 7.5 years. Thus far, she has visited 108 countries and is attempting to break the world record for youngest female to travel to every country. Since the release of her bestselling travel series Sihpromatum, which includes I Grew My Boobs in China and Backpacks and Bra Straps, she has gained a readership of 100,000. She is currently working on the third volume in the series. Savannah runs the popular luxury/adventure website Sihpromatum and has been actively documenting her travels for more than a decade. She also founded #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) Twitter chat, which now regularly ranks as one of the top travel chats in the world, gaining 10-15 million impressions during a three-hour period each week.

About Jessica Lipowski
Jessica Lipowski, originally from Detroit, Michigan, moved to the Netherlands in February 2011. She recently released a non-fiction book titled Flavors of Life, a collection of biographies that documents the personal stories of 62 restaurateurs from around the world. In the past, she’s been published on (part of USAToday) and in The Washington Times, but has also worked in project management and marketing. She is a permanent host of two travel-related Twitter chats, #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) and #CultureTrav, as well. Travel and experiencing different cultures is important to her, having visited 32 countries and 43 of the 50 United States.