Happy Anniversary Los Angeles: A LAnniversary to Remember

Today is my one-year anniversary of living in the greater Los Angeles area, or as I like to call it, my LAnniversary. Exactly one year ago, I boarded the plane in Detroit, Michigan. Hugging my family goodbye and wiping away the tears, yet brimming with excitement as I embarked on yet another adventure, I started the next chapter of my life.

As many of you know, Amsterdam was my home for six years; I spent majority of my adult life in the Dutch capital. My trajectory took an unexpected turn, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. The experiences I had and the growth I faced opened the door for all that is beautiful and divine in this world.

When I faced a blank slate, wondering where to go next in the world, I started a new manifest of what I was looking for: a job in publishing that allowed me to travel and most importantly make a difference, but also an environment near the mountains or ocean, close to nature, and with a plethora of activities and warm weather (sorry to all my friends still in Amsterdam, but I was tired of the rain). I also joked about finding a man on a motorcycle and a house on a hill.

Finding that exact opportunity out here in LA is all I could have hoped for and so much more. I landed the job of my dreams. Hiking, standup paddle boarding, SUP yoga, aerial yoga, riding on the motorcycle, travelling the world (including visiting a destination I’ve always dreamed of – Bali!), and tasting new foods are all activities I engage in. Springing out of bed early in the morning to watch the sunrise or winding down on the beach at sunset adds extra color.

The days alone have been incredible, but the people are what made it truly special. My colleagues are just as dedicated and passionate as I am to making a difference. The friends and social network I’ve developed are simply incredible. To share such a deep connection in a relatively short amount of time is magical. On top of all that, I met an incredible man who is ineffable. The values he embraces in his daily life and the path he’s led that has brought us together is indescribable (in the best way possible).

Los Angeles, you’ve gone above and beyond this past year. Thank you for the wonderful memories, and I look forward to making many more. Cheers!

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