A Good Book and a Nice Cup Of Tea: The Best Book Cafes in Germany

Guest post by Evans Lily

Book lovers lead a difficult life. One of the day-to-day challenges, which I personally experience the most, is finding a decent café where I can enjoy my book with a tint of calmness and an exotic cup of tea. I mean, to me, this is like the definition of heaven. I truly believe that some nice tea and a good book can solve all my troubles.

I always bring a book with me while traveling just to feel safe. I am constantly on the lookout for a quiet, soothing place where I can sit down and lose myself in that book without anybody disturbing me. But it is not that easy, especially when I’m in a metropolitan city like London, New York City, or Berlin. Cafés in these cities are normally quite rushed and often have a boring menu. What makes things worse is the crowd of people who are taking selfies or laughing a little too loud.

The perfect solution to this problem for tourists like me are book cafes. Book cafes are something delivered by god from heaven to minimize the suffering of us book hoarders. They are the nicest places; they deliver the best kind of teas and coffees, as readers love those products. They are like public libraries that serve drinks and food, plus have comfortable settings so you can spend hours and hours without a care in the world. They play the most soothing music and are pretty spacious. The best part is that the loud crowd stays away from these cafes, so it kind of becomes your personal place. What’s even better is the fact that book cafes are a perfect place to meet fellow readers or find new friends. Ever since book cafes came into fashion, the first thing I do whenever I go to a new place is Google the best book cafes, since I know that is where I will be spending most of my time.

My last trip to Germany – one of the most beautiful places in the world – was probably the greatest trip I’ve ever taken until this point in my life. Even though the country has a tragic history, the place is just so alive and real. You can see the glimpses of the past in the streets, which kind of gives it a historic touch. Apart from that, the country is reigning in the technical world. But the best parts are the quiet roads and loving people.

While in Germany, I managed to visit some of the best book cafes, which I believe are worth sharing with the world. Each one of them has this special uniqueness that made me feel complete, and somehow, it was everything. So next time you’re in Germany, these cafes are a must-go. In fact, even if you’re not in Germany, go to Germany because these places are worth the trip.


SHAKESPEARE AND SONS – So when your café is named after the greatest personality in the world of literature (Shakespeare, obviously), that’s justification enough to visit. Located in the streets of Berlin, Shakespeare and Sons is a classic book café that is a sanctuary for many readers and bagel lovers. Yes, bagels are their specialty. But the board outside the café proudly calls it a bookstore, not a café. The place has these big shelves of books, which gives it a library look. It has probably the greatest collection of English literature in Berlin. The reading room with yellow-light table lamps and classic sofa chairs kind of gives it a living room feel. I spent some three hours sitting on the black couch while reading The Catcher in the Rye for the 5th time, as I sipped four cups of tea and ate a bagel and salad. Never have I ever enjoyed a café as much as did in those three hours.


CAFE TASSO – A beautiful café in the boulevards of Berlin, this place has an inspiring outdoor setting as well as an alluring interior design. The best part about Café Tasso is a charming contrast of food, books, trees, and culture. As they serve you the greatest food you could imagine in Germany, they also provide its customers some beautiful books and magazines to admire (and read). Moreover, the trees that are placed all over give it a fresh and new look. The café’s key feature is that they regularly host some readings and cultural events. Probably the most happening yet calming place in Germany, Café Tasso is a glorious place worth visiting over and over again.


CAFÉ EINSTEIN STAMMHAUS – Einstein Stammhaus or Einstein Kaffee is as European as a place can get. So, the place looks like a mansion, both from outside and inside. It has a royal library with engraved classic books. Some of them are editions that date as far back as the 1800s. Moreover, the food is delicious and is served in the most stylish way. An incredible fine-dine with the glimpse of intellectuality; it is an ideal café for all those who seek something more from their lives. I probably had the greatest time of my trip in Germany in Einstein Stammahaus, feeling all royal, rich, and perfect.


CAFÉ BILDERBUCH – A unique place, Bilderbuch is a hub for all the readers and writers or all those who know how to spend their time without an electronic gadget (except for a Kindle). It has a classic table and chair setting, lovely vases, and mesmerizing chandeliers, which automatically transports you to another world far away from all the worries and troubles. It is a perfect place to lose yourself in the pages of a good book. And they have the coolest terrace I’ve ever seen. To have a continental breakfast on the terrace while reading The Shadow Lines, I could feel the beauty of everything good in this world.


LOST WEEKEND – Okay, so first things first: how cool is the name? And secondly, they serve the best cappuccino in Germany. They provide this unique, homely feeling, which makes you forget everything bad in the world. Little soft toys on the table, cool red mugs, tiny little plants scattered around make this place unforgettable. It is also a huge bookstore and you can see many book hoarders going through the shelves picking up books to add to their collection. The books are interestingly arranged. Also, the menu is super great and you almost feel like ordering everything at once. Lost Weekend is one place for both book lovers and food lovers.

All photos selected by Evans Lily and downloaded through Shutterstock.

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