The book “Flavors of Life” is a collection of inspirational biographies, sharing the stories of 62 entrepreneurs from around the world. Ranging from a famous Swiss drummer to an American ballet dancer to those who grew up during the apartheid in South Africa or in a small village in the mountains of Nepal, they are connected by a common thread: all own a restaurant in Amsterdam. To them their lives are normal – just everyday events and choices – but their experiences are unexpected and fascinating. Read more about what in particular inspired this book.

  • Discover how these diverse individuals landed in the same city, in the same industry, with a shared passion – a love for food

  • Gain an appreciation for the variety of restaurants in Amsterdam, the city of canals

  • Learn how food and the customs surrounding it crosses cultures and unite us

  • Follow their personal journeys and be inspired


Historic Canal District


Cafe het Paleis

The Castro Machuca Family (Chile)
Cuisine: International | Read more…



Yossi Eliyahoo (Israel)
Cuisine: Steakhouse | Read more…


Singel 101

The Castro Machuca Family (Chile)
Cuisine: International | Read more…


Tasca Bellota

Nelys Velazquez (Venezuela) and Folcmar Louman (Netherlands)
Cuisine: Spanish | Read more…


The Duchess

Yossi Eliyahoo (Israel)
Cuisine: Nouveau-Niçoise | Read more…

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