New Non-Fiction Book Flavors of Life Made Its Debut at Café Belcampo in Amsterdam on Monday, May 23, 2016

It’s official – Flavors of Life is out in the world! On the evening of Monday, May 23, I held a book launch event at Café Belcampo in Amsterdam. Café Belcampo, situated in De Hallen, is the official café of the library in Amsterdam West. The owner, Gary Feingold, is one of the people featured in the book. The event drew a variety of people, including restaurant owners featured in Flavors of Life, family from near and far, friends, media, and bloggers. Thank you to everyone who joined me for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration! It is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

I am still buzzing from the event! The outpouring of love and support humbles me. With drinks to toast and fabulous food, as well as touching conversations, friendly smiles, and warm hugs, overall it was a fantastic evening. Everyone’s presence, as well as the notes flowing in from people who were not able to attend, sincerely touched me. If you’d like to hear my speech, you can watch it below.

I am grateful to the Belcampo staff, especially Gary and Tessa. I also want to thank Matthijs, my parents, my in-laws, Jacob, Dimphy, Christ-Jan, and Savannah for working so hard to make the evening fantastic. Thank you to Tom Bachmann from Cafe Bern for the Gruyère cheese; Anna and Ramona from A Piece of Finland for the Finnish chocolates; Marcela Castro Machuca from Cafe het Paleis and Restaurant Singel 101 for the Chilean pai; and Chef Hosokawa and Yung Lie from Restaurant Hosokawa for the sushi. Your foodie contributions were greatly appreciated!

I also wanted to share a little bit about the person who hosted the event and introduced me, Gary Feingold. Gary established a name for himself in Amsterdam with Gary’s Muffins. What started as a small shop on the Prinsengracht, serving muffins and other freshly baked goods, evolved into a hugely popular concept with seven locations and a bakery. Baking is an activity Gary certainly enjoys, and one that sparked a successful business. However, his core passion is one that many may not initially suspect and what brought him to Amsterdam in the first place: dance. You can read more about him in Flavors of Life.

Everyone has a story to share, and I’m honored to tell these stories documented in Flavors of Life. I am inspired by their passion and drive every single day, and I hope their stories inspire you, too.

Flavors of Life is available in paperback (€ 22.95, ISBN: 978-90-825238-0-5), and purchases can be made here on my website. The book is in full color and includes pictures of the owners, their families, and the restaurants. The e-book ($4.99, ISBN: 978-90-825238-2-9) is available on Amazon, but does not include the pictures. The website also features an online component that enhances the print and e-book versions, with two different interactive maps and additional information about each restaurant. Plus there’s a print-ready handout, if you want to keep a checklist of all the restaurants you’ve visited.

If you are in the Amsterdam area, please let me know, either by contacting me via the website or giving me a shout-out on social media. I’d love to personally deliver a copy. I’ll be updating the website with the bookstores that stock the product, as well as various upcoming events, such as book signings and speaking engagements.

Thank you for being a part of this journey! Wishing you a great weekend, and happy reading.