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CultureTrav, launched in November 2014, is a weekly Twitter chat where travelers can share perspectives and listen to stories from other fellow travelers. The founder, Nicolette of Culture With Travel, said she started the chat because she always enjoyed hearing how people personally experience travel, especially in regards to topics like cultural similarities and differences, language gaps, trying new things (i.e. alternate cuisines), developing friendships on the road, and much more. Get to know her in this interview. I became an official co-host in February 2015. Clare Hancock from Immersion Travel Magazine joined in March 2017.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a nomad, an expat, enjoy traveling alone or with family/friends, or even just leisurely, part-time travel, you’ll surely have great tips to share with others. See where other CultureTrav chatters are based around the world!


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Easy Steps to Join

1. Follow @nicolette_o, @JLipowski, @TravelSustains, and the #CultureTrav hashtag for chat announcements/new questions every week.
2. Join us on Thursdays for the chat!
3. Use the #CultureTrav hashtag in every tweet. This way others can always see your valuable advice (even when the chat ends)
4. Feel free to invite friends/family to join, and RT anything you personally find interesting.
5. Want to suggest a (future) topic? Want to be a guest co-host? Direct message us on Twitter.

Next Topic
27 April 2017: “Festivals”
Q1. When you hear the word “festival,” what comes to mind? #CultureTrav
Q2. What makes a great festival? The creativity? The Food? The engagement? Etc. Share a pic. #CultureTrav
Q3. What has been your favorite festival? What about it did you love? #CultureTrav
Q4. What’s the most random or unique festival you’ve attended, or heard about? #CultureTrav
Q5. Are there festivals you make sure to never miss? What makes them special? #CultureTrav
Q6. What kind of food have you had at festivals? Any favorite treats? #CultureTrav
BONUS: Which festivals are on your wishlist to experience next? #CultureTrav

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