Drink Like a Local in Europe

When it comes to Euro-hopping, travelers have to keep our common sense, if we don’t want to stand out like an inexperienced sore thumb. But how to go about blending into the background like a globetrotting pro? Well, more often than not, a little glass of something local is not a bad place to start. Guest author Gudmund Lindbaek gives us the lowdown.

Ticket to Ride

Ian Oliver, the Barefoot Backpacker, is a solo traveller originally from the United Kingdom. Usually travelling as light as possible, he enjoys exploring dark history, among other things. In this guest post, he compares three different types of city and regional transportation around the world. This topic ties in perfectly with our upcoming #CultureTrav chat this week on transportation. Read about Ian’s colourful experiences.

10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

Mark-Anthony Villaflor of 365TravelDates discusses why it is important to learn a foreign language and what it adds to the overall travel experience. This topic actually ties in perfectly with our upcoming #CultureTrav this week on languages, “Lost in Translation.” Read what Mark has to say.