ANZTravelChat Discusses “Food” on November 18, 2015


This Wednesday I am very excited to be guest hosting ANZTravelChat. Together with Dorothée Lefering (@DoroLef), we will be discussing “Food.” Food is one of my favorite topics for many reasons, as I discussed in an interview with Turtles Travel.

First of all, food – and the customs surrounding it – is a gateway to discovering a culture. The ingredients communicate information about the society and its history. On a fundamental level it shows what is needed to sustain life in a certain part of the world. Not only that, local specialties indicate what’s in season, availability of certain goods, preferences, as well as how old traditions have been incorporated into modern day times. Flavors illustrate the passion and creativity of a community attempting to colorfully combine ingredients and spices to produce a tasty and hopefully nourishing end result.

Growing up, I was very fortunate to do so much traveling and be exposed to numerous experiences, food included. I am unsure when my perspective changed, but at a certain age I reveled in trying new foods. I couldn’t wait to taste the next local specialty. Food, and what was to be the next meal, became the highlight of traveling. My curiosity continued to blossom when I moved to Amsterdam, eager to experience every aspect of the Dutch culture and the city. The interest increased when I started writing about Amsterdam, first for, part of USAToday, and now specifically my book about the life stories of Amsterdam restaurant owners. Food has became an integral part of travel for me and in understanding a culture.

Join Doro and I on Wednesday, November 18 at 9:00am UK (5:00pm SIN/HKG / 8:00 pm AEDT / 10:00pm NZ) to talk all things “Food.” We’d love to hear your favorites! Below is a sneak peek of the questions we’ll be discussing.

Q1: What is the best food you have ever tasted? Where were you and how did you come across it? Share a photo. #ANZTravelChat
Q2: Have you ever travelled to a destination specifically for the food? Tell us where you went and why. #ANZTravelChat
Q3: What is the most adventurous food you’ve tried while traveling? Would you eat it again? #ANZTravelChat
Q4: What is the best street food you’ve tasted in your travels? Where can you find it? #ANZTravelChat
Q5: Have you joined a food tour or cooking class while traveling? Share your experience! If you haven’t, would you like to? #ANZTravelChat
Q6: Have you ever tasted a dish while traveling and tried to make it again when you returned home? Tell us about it. #ANZTravelChat

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