Bar Sue

Tim Doornewaard (South Korea)


Tim Doornewaard was born in South Korea and adopted at the age of four by a Dutch family. Fast forward many years. Through Arierang, a Dutch Association for Korean Adoptees, Tim met Domingo Atsma in 1996. Serving on the board together and sharing similar interests, they became fast friends. In April 2010, Domingo read an article about Roy Choi’s successful taco truck concept in Los Angeles. Inspired by the innovative idea, he approached Tim about arranging something like that for Arierang’s summer picnic. As it was a huge hit at the gathering, they thought about starting a food truck, too, but regulations complicated the matter. Instead, they entered the catering world.

Korean Taco Party took off, and people wanted to know where they could find their product on a regular basis. Once the pair met Jaymz Pool, a renowned restaurateur, the three discussed the possibilities of opening a restaurant. Between the success of their current endeavor and the fact that not many Korean restaurants existed in Amsterdam, they thought the business would do well. Yokiyo (now called Bar Sue), known for its do-it-yourself Korean barbecue, opened its doors in December 2012.

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  • Phone Number

    +31 (0)20 331 45 62

  • Opening Hours

    Tuesday – Friday
    8:00 to 01:00

    Saturday and Sunday
    10:00 – 01:00