Fraiche Hospitality

Anthony Joseph (UK) and Noah Tucker (USA)


For as long as he can remember, Anthony Joseph, born and raised in London, has had the innate desire to be a cook. He knew as a young boy what he wanted to do later in life: feed people. Anthony credits this to his parents’ cooking skills, which infused him with an appreciation for good food. Launching his professional culinary career at the young age of 16, he climbed the food ladder, working in top-notch restaurants alongside stellar chefs in the United Kingdom, United States, and the Netherlands.

Enjoying the physical act of eating as well as using his hands to create something appetizing, Noah Tucker shared the same early dream to one day be a cook. He enrolled in his first cooking course at age eight. Cooking his way from one end of the world to the other – from New York City to Japan and San Francisco to Amsterdam – Noah has engaged in a wide variety of culinary experiences and adventurous endeavors.

Noah and Anthony’s paths crossed in Amsterdam, first working together in the kitchen, where Noah was hired as Anthony’s sous chef. After a year, the two realized they were on the same wavelength. Beginning with consultancy work, the business partners made the next step and opened Restaurant Fraîche in May 2011. Their second restaurant, Staring at Jacob, followed in September 2013 and a third, Cutthroat Kitchen, came two years later. Numbers four and five, Thirty5ive Wine & Food Bar and Eastside Amsterdam, opened in October and December 2015 respectively.