7 Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Today’s guest post was provided by Jack Woodring of endeavorviet.com. The article originally appeared on Culture With Travel, and all photos are courtesy of Jack Woodring.

Hi! My name’s Jack. The Vietnamese call me Nhan Ai, which means kindhearted. For the last 14 years, I worked in Vietnam, 12 of which I lived in Ho Chi Minh City with my wife and three kids. From the moment I first went to Vietnam, I felt this bond in my heart toward that country and the people in it. Many people have now traveled to Vietnam and found it to be the unique treasure I know it to be. I’d like to share with you seven reasons you should, too.

7 Reasons Why Vietnam is an Ultimate Destination for Cultural Travel


It would be difficult to find a society more willing to share their life, art, music, and food. Especially food. The Vietnamese are extremely proud of their heritage and history. And they’re among the friendliest people in the world. They are resourceful survivors. A few days in the countryside of Vietnam will amaze you, the difficult work and their inventive ways.


The majority of those employed in Vietnam work in agriculture, forestry, or fishing. There is such an opportunity to see, experience, and take part in family-owned subsistence. The variety seems infinite. The big three are rice, coffee, and fishing. Also, consider the flowers in Vietnam. Three thousand varieties are in Dalat City alone.


Neighbourhoods and villages in Vietnam operate using a simple, yet profound system. Everyone knows everyone in a given region. If someone new shows up then someone in the community should know who they are. There are very few secrets in a Vietnamese district. The joke goes: if all the windows and doors are shut, the neighbours know there is trouble inside. Petty theft and traffic are the two areas to be extra aware.


After 14 years in Vietnam, I still get surprised by meals I’ve not yet discovered. Complex, flavor rich, spice and herb-laden, exceptionally unique describe Vietnamese dishes. It’s the best experience, eating with a family in their home. It is meaningful and mouthwatering.


It’s easy to witness firsthand the priority that so many put on learning English. They are always ecstatic to practice their English skills with foreigners. Travellers can reach out to local people and create meaningful relationships by sharing English. The ability to interact with families is extraordinary, and the experience gained is priceless. Because of this approachability, you can take cultural travel to an entirely new level.


Saying the word “Vietnam” brings up a wide assortment of emotions. From a historical perspective, this country is an absolute “must” despite the associated emotions. For 2000 years, the Vietnamese fought off the Chinese. That alone makes them one of the most unique people on earth. There is a wealth of history and perspective that you can discover. Awareness of this tiny strategic land is worthwhile.


Vietnam can be divided into 3 regions: Northern, Central, and Southern. Each is as diverse in every way as their location on the map. People from each area even have a difficult time understanding each other. A traveller can easily take three separate journeys to discover three very different cultures. The north is resolute, the central artistic, and the south hospitable. Every one of them is a haven for the curious and a concourse for the intrigued.

If you have not been to another country, I hope that you will go. If you have not spoken with people from a different culture than yours, I hope you will. Someway, somehow, through learning about them, appreciate who they are and what they are. That makes it wonderful because they’re human beings, just like you.

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