Many people around the world lead incredible lives. To them it is everyday life, but to others their experiences are fascinating. Everyone has a story to share. Flavors of Life documents the lives of 62 entrepreneurs from around the world, originating from 41 different countries. From a famous Swiss drummer and an American ballet dancer to those who grew up during the South African apartheid or in a small village in the mountains of Nepal with no electricity, regardless of origin or background, there is one thing these 62 people have in common: all own a restaurant in Amsterdam. The book explores how all these people ended up in the same industry, in the same city with a common passion. Read more here and order your copy today.

About The Author

JessicaLipowskiJessica Lipowski holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Michigan State University (USA). Shortly after graduation, she moved to Amsterdam and worked for an online group travel platform, leading the sales and marketing team. She also covered Amsterdam as the 10Best Local Expert. In 2016, with the intent to explore Amsterdam’s diversity, she published her first non-fiction book about the life stories of expat restaurant owners.


Flavors of Life proves, once again, that everyone has a compelling story to tell. Jessica Lipowski has the talent to bring those stories to life for her readers.

Expertly researched, Flavors of Life tells the stories of immigrants from all over the world. The two common threads that run through the book are that each immigrant has made Amsterdam their new home and each has brought a little bit of their homeland with them in the form of an ethnic restaurant.

Flavors of Life is a fascinating read and recommended for all who wish to see the world through the eyes of those who have made a new life for themselves from afar.”

– John Higham, Author of 360 Degrees Longitude: One Family’s Journey Around the World

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